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The people of Israel knew the custom to present their children to God. God arrogates all male firstborn humans and animals (Ex. 13:1-16). For every child people had to bring a sacrificial Atonement (Lev. 12). These laws were also met by the firstborn son of foster father Joseph and mother Mary: Jesus Christ (Luke 2:21-39). When John the Baptist and Jesus were eight days old, they were, like all Jewish boys, circumcised. Then a part of the foreskin of the male genitals are to be cut away. For the Jews this was the sign of the Covenant. At the same time they received their name. After forty days they had to bring the cleansing-sacrifice. Jesus was a Jew with the Jews and underwent all these holy rituals. Led to the temple by the Holy Spirit, Simeon took this child, the Messiah, in his arms, praised God and spoke prophecies about him and Maria, and blessed them, parents and child.

Furthermore, we read in the Gospels that Jesus explicitly asks children (not only babies) to come foreword, he prayes for them, touches them, sets them as an example, he embraces them and blesses them by laying His hands on each one of them. (Matthew 19:13-15, mark 10:13-16, Luke 18:15-17) He was doing these official Jewish rituals to those children, even though they were done before! In those days the blessing of children was a typical rabbinical use. This children's blessing had its origin in the Old Testament in which Patriarchs and priests blessed children.