The homecoming

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"The joy at the return of the youngest son does not mean that the eldest son would be less beloved or less valued. The father has no favorite child. He does not compare the two sons. However, the anger of the stayed at home son prevents him from accepting this recurring todd as his brother. He condemned his youngest brother. His words speak of detachment, of both his brother and his father.

In my life much sadness and joy arising directly from my urge to continually compare myself with others which is usually or even always useless and leads to a tremendous waste of time and energy. Our God, (...), does not compare. Never.It requires an inner turnaround to be open to a way of thinking that is exalted above any comparison. Yet this is God's way of thinking.

This is the core of the Biblical gospel. We are called to love each other in the same manner as God loves us. We are called to love each other with the same selfless, seeking love that the father approach us with. A lifestyle of rivalry and comparison does not offer any room to the compassion of which we are summoned. True compassion shows no trace of rivalry. " 

(Henri Nouwen "finally home" by Luc 15)