The unbearable volatility of existence

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"God knows his creatures and gives no command to his creatures which for them is too difficult to accomplish." God gives to people the ability to fulfill their mission. God does not desire the impossible. Every human being gets his own tasks. Every challenge is different and every person does it on his own strength. When a man is faced with big challenges, this is because this person can meet those challenges.... Every human being possesses the power to choose between good and evil. In Hebrew These forces are called Jetser Hatov (Good creative force) and Jetser Hara (poor creative force). The struggle between good and evil is an inner struggle. This fight takes place constantly. Man from childhood tends to go to the evil side, but is not doomed to evil. God has created man purely good. The soul of man is pure good."

Pinches Lapide (1922-1997), "was Eve to be blamed for everywhere?" An Israeli diplomat and Jewish theologian of Austrian descent. Was known for his knowledge of the new Testament and its importance for the Judeo-Christian dialogue.