A breathtake

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““Meaningless! Meaningless!”says the Teacher.“Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.”“ (Prediker 1:2)  In Hebreeuws it says: habel habalim.

"The word habel means something like" fleeting, nothing, vanity, "we can find this in the name of Abel (older translations say Habel; Gen. 4:2, 25) He whose life was so "volatile" that it was over in a "breath trip". Interestingly, in the second part Hakol "Everything" is used. However it is often used in absolute terms, it is used often aswell in a more specific sense in relation to the subject like here "everything is just a volatile breath" whereby the last Habel is being meant "completely pointless".... Solomon, as King, was in a unique opportunity to question people and he certainly would have seen that much knowledge, wisdom, is based on wrong assumptions. He will have seen that often man abuses it for his own advantage. Or worse, that knowledge is being abused to inform other people incorrectly. In the end it will turn out that all this will be in vain, the truth will come out, and if you invertigate seriously you will find that everything is very temporary and volatile. It is for that reason that Solomon says that this research is an evil thing. However, if you expand this research and include God's revelation, then everything suddenly comes in a completely different perspective. You will see that things which are useless at first suddenly do matter. On the other hand, you will notice what really drives people with their actions." (J.P. van de Giessen: "The useless of knowledge", Januari 31, 2012)