Prosperity and Fortune

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Almost no day passes without an article on the Chinese economy in the newspaper. With an economic growth of more than 9% per annum, China is fast becoming an economic powerhouse.

The Chinese Dragon, unlike his family in the West, is seen as a sign of happiness. A dragon in Europe is often considered to be malignant. The 13th century ‘Legenda Aurea’ describes the story of Saint George:
“The city was tyrannized by a dragon. Every day he devoured two sheep, who were sacrificed to him, so that he would keep quiet. When the last sheep had disappeared in this way, the dragon demanded people sacrifices. Fate fell on the daughter of the king. In Bridal Clothes she met her death, but Joris attacked the dragon with a lance and wounded the monstrosity. He promised the king and the people that he would kill the beast if everyone would be baptized by him. When King and people agreed, he killed the dragon, and on that day 15,000 people were baptized.”