(part 1)

  • 50x110 [with wooden frame]

"Freedom comes with responsibility. Who says: I am free, also says: I am responsible. At the same time as individual freedom emerged, arose a fear of responsibility that entails freedom. True Freedom is Freedom of Mind. Real Freedom means being free from the pursuit of desires and needs, not to be a slave to your urges. It means the victory over the physical, animal side of the dualistic man. But spiritual Freedom does not come for free. It demants pain and time, it takes effort and study, it requires responsibility. That scares off. And so, fear of Freedom arises and freedom,before we know it, will get a lazy shape: physical freedom ...

Education and upbringing are essential. Good education focuses on spiritual development. Of course, we also need technical and practical knowledge, but that does not have to be the heart of education. This heart must consist of the Arts and the Humaniora: Language, literature, philosophy and historical sciences. These courses teach you to ask questions and be open to people who are different, think differently and have a different cultural background. They form the basis of an open, democratic and free society and help to look critically at yourself and society, and to provide a counterweight to shelf consumerism."

('Knowing is more than measurment', by Tobias Reijngoud)