Et in Arcadia ego
I too have been in Arcadia

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This is an exclamation with which one expresses the ephemeral of happiness and the regrets about what has been lost.

When Goethe came back from his trip to Italy he let the stragglers know:”Et in Arcadia Ego: "I too have been in Arcadia." However, Arcadia was not in Italy at all, it stood for a region on the peninsula Peloponese, known for its wild beauty and as playground for nature-gods and goddesses. So probably not more than a legend in people's imagination. Yet, Goethe only had to use the term Arcadia to describe his experiences in Italy for his contemporaries. And it is still like that. The name Arcadia is synonymous with pastoral happiness, for lovely scenes, for light of a higher order. But at the same time, there is the Arcadian roughness as well, the wilderness of the unleashed pleasures.