De four Loves
Storge - Eros - Charis - Philia

  • 60x60 (a composition of 5 parts)

In his book "the four loves", the writer C.S. Lewis explores the nature of love. He makes a distinction between a ‘need of love’ (as the love of a child for its mother) and ‘giving love’ (highlighted in the love of God for mankind). On the basis of the four words for love in ancient Greek Lewis divides the word "love" in four categories:

1) Philia = friendship (top left)

2) Storge = affection (top right)

3) Eros = eroticism and (bottom left)

4) Charis = charity (bottom right)

In addition, you can see Agapé, the Divine Love: symbolised by blesser and receiving hands and a (bounding) cross.

The death mask is a copy, a casting of a dead person. These were (are) used to maintain the identity of a person. Love is the forming force for identity and communication, even if someone is deceased.