Time, place & Schrödinger's cat

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The human brain is probably the most complex system in the universe. It is clear that every other living thing has the ongoing need to collect information to decide and to adjust its behaviour. Whatever reality is, we have only indirect access to it. It's always something, an image, an idea, a thought, that stands on the basis of our constructed ideas and experiences. One would think that by asking questions to the world we would be getting closer to her nature, but that remains problematic. The jump from what can be said to the image that we make, will always remain something arbitrary.

According to a quantum theory something can only exist when there is a conscious someone to look at it. Befóre this observing, matter can exist in all possible states, only when it is looked at matter will take a certain form. 'Schrödingers cat' is a scientific-thought experiment based on this phenomenon which has some strange consequences for us. Perhaps these results can be explained when we assume that there is more than 'just' our material world which we know so far.