The Noahide laws

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 According to the orthodox view, the difference between a Jew and other people consists solely of the way in which "each of them regulates the life of faith". The Jews do so by adhering to the 613 commandments and prohibitions found in the Torah, the five books of Moses. The Torah regulates every aspect of human existence, it is a way of life. The non-Jews do not have to abide by the whole of Jewish laws and teachings, but they are expected to comply with the seven Noahide laws.
The seven noachidic rules of life, laws, are meant as a moral code for all nations on earth. These universal commandments are to be found in the Babylonian Talmud and contain a minimum of respect for life, with the aim of keeping the world livable. The story about the Flood is about a fall on a global scale. It is a story about a society that, as a result of its own mistakes, goes down. By linking the universal commandments to the story of Noah it says: these are the commandments that ensure that worldwide coexistence does not come to an end:

  • Commandment to exercise justice, to establish and maintain courts (to be able to enforce the following prohibitions and bans)
  • Ban on idolatry
  • Ban on fornication
  • Prohibition to kill
  • Ban on blasphemy
  • Prohibition to steal
  • Prohibition on eating the meat of a living animal