About me

My name is Willem van den Heuvel. I was born on the 29th of october 1970 in Rhoon, a village south of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. And together with my brother and two sisters I am raised in a municipality called Werkendam.

Making drawings was what i always liked. And being in highschool, people noticed my drawing- and paintingskills. I choose the practical side of art and eventualy became an architect. After about 10 years of practicising that profession I noticed I was missing something. Looking for a way to give my painting work hands, and feet and at the insistence of a friend, I picked up the creative work again in mid-2008. 

As you can see, I keep on discovering various styles and methods of painting. What most of my works have incommen, is a rough and dynamic texture and design. My inspiration I find in everyday things; things I see in the lives of others, things I read or that I am experiencing. Enhancing these 'experiances' eventualy gives me the storyline to create the image that tells its story on its own.