• 2x 90x220 F

    used glas on hardglasen doors

Two fully glazed doors between the livingroom and the hall. Glass fusing is a technique used in glass-art where pieces or strips of glass of the same or different colors are joined together by fusing them partially. Glass fusing also offers the possibility to mix or blend the different colors of glass parts. For example yellow with blue glass turns green. The heating usually takes place in an electric or gas-fired oven. Two or more pieces of colored glass are superposed or overlapped and heated to temperatures ranging from 593°C to 816°C. It must be ensured that glass with a different expansion coefficient, depending on the color pigments used in the glass, can not be fused together, otherwise the created object will break during cooling or afterwards. Many glass artists therefore limit themselves to glass from one manufacturer. After cooling, cracks in the fused glass can also burst during large temperature fluctuations, therefore glass fusing is primarily intended for indoor applications.

The water of the nearby national park the Biesbosch is the theme. The basis is a photo from out of the air of the Biesbosch and the setting sun. Furthermore to see are: two pikes, a grebe with a young, a sailing ship, many flowers, a dragonfly and a kingfisher.