Faith, Hope & Love (part 2)

  • 3x 100x100 

    Stained glass windows
    Reformed church Boven-Hardinxveld

Window 2. Hope

The congregation from all countries is represented here as five fishermen, one for each continent. They're casting their nets on that other side into the dark sea. Portraying the works out of faith, awakening the hope for others. The rock is the foundation of that hope. That which we can build on and on which God builds his congregation. All this with help and guidance from the Holy Spirit, depicted in the form of a flaming pigeon.

"Because we ourselves are weak and can not endure for a moment, and the devil, the world and our own desires, always tempting us, God wants to sustain and strengthen us through the power of the Holy Spirit. By that Power alone we can resist, until we finally achieve victory." (adaptation of answer 127 from the Heidelberg Catechism)