Faith, Hope & Love (part 3)

  • 3x 100x100 

    Stained glass windows
    Reformed church Boven-Hardinxveld

Window 3. Love
Here the Father is central, the Creator of everything. He awaits us with arms spread, blessing and full of love. In this window the source of the living water can be found in the opened grave. Not to grasp with our minds and therefore set apart in a framework, as a symbol for all the intangibleness of God. The road to the grave has been one of sorrow and pain (red), but it runs into a flowing stream that is the breeding ground for all that lives. This new life is represented as a plant that has its roots in the Living Water. The water flows from this window and connects the three windows.
"God has created heaven and earth and is ruler of all creation. Because of the Son, The Christ, he wants to be our Father as well. He also wants us to trust him in providing in what we need and that He will let everything take a turn for the better for us. He can do this only because He is an omnipotent God and He also wants to do this as a faithful Father. " (adaptation of answer 26 from the Heidelberg Catechism)