Lamb & Lion

  • 30x40 [with wooden frame]

In Revelation, John gets a glimpse into heaven and into the future. He sees God in all His Majesty on his throne. Somebody askea who can open the 7 times sealed bookroll with as content the things that happen. The question is, therefore, who can bring history to a good end. That's why John is crying when nobody seems to be there at first to do so. But then it sounds: "Don't cry! The Lion from the tribe of Judah, the root of David has overcome: he can do it!" And what does John see when he sees that great king?: A Lamb, you can still see in his neck the cut of when he was slaughtered. Revelation shows that the Great king, Lion, can only rule the world and bring it to a good end because he was also The Sacrificial Lamb. Like this Lion is also Lamb, we who follow him are reigning kings, but at the same time serving priests.

Actually, you see these two lines in the whole Old Testament: there will be a peace empire coming with this Great king, for God will expel all the injustice of the Earth. But on the other hand, God must punish sin too, and that brings curse and suffering with him. Only in the New Testament will it become clear that these two lines come together in Jesus the Christ: He is the great Son of David, who will overcome all injustice, and establish His Peace Empire. And he is the suffering servant, the Lamb of God who has taken upon himself the sins of the world himself. If He were only King (Lion), He would have destroyed all injustice, but then we would have been torn apart. If He were only a suffering servant (Lamb), He would have been torn apart and could never establish justice on His Earth. If he Was only King (Lion), then we should only fear Him. If He were only a suffering servant (Lamb), he would be near but could not help us. Only those who know this Lord, Lion & Lamb can feel deep reverence and familiarity at the same time, they know for sure that justice will overcome, but at the same time that he can be there because the Lamb took the punishment for our sin. You can as a humanbeing, be a lion (you stand up for yourself, businesswise all is well, but that, so often, goes at the expense of others) or lamb (you try to be the least, you are always there for others, but that can go at the expense of yourself). But whoever gets The Spirit of Christ learns to be both: Lion ánd lamb. A Christian serves, gives, loves, and does so from a force within. That power is the life of Grace: You know you're a child of God, all your sins are forgiven, God is with you, who would be against you (lion)! But just that motivates you to follow that Lord and make your life a sacrifice of gratitude for Him and your neighbor (Lamb).

"Aslan is a lion – the Lion, the Great Lion."
"Ooh!" Suzie replied, "I thought he was a man. Is He... Is it safe? I get rather nervous about the idea of meeting a lion."
"Of course, sweetheart, that's quite obvious," replied Mrs. Bever; "Someone who appears without a kink knees befor Aslan is terribly brave or incredibly stupid."
"So he's not safe?" Lucy said.
"Safe?" Replied Mr. Beaver; "Have you not heard what Mrs. Bever said? Who is about safe? Of course he is not safe. But I say to you: he is good. He is The King.

(Excerpt from "The Witch and the land behind the Wardrobe" by C.S. Lewis)